Recently, Instagram has introduced a new way to create and share bite-sized video clips usually of 15 seconds: Instagram Reels. This feature is situated inside the Instagram application that enables users to record video clips and then edit those using audio tracks, text, filters, or other special effects. Sounds much like Instagram Stories? Instagram reels offers a wide range of features for example, you can set a time on your video, you can control the speed and you can also slow down or speed up the audio used. Moreover, if you use original audio in your reel video, people can use it in their own reels by attributing it to you.

You can share your Instagram reel videos with your followers on Instagram feed or you can put the video in the Explore section so that anyone using Instagram can watch your video. These days, most brands are using this new feature to promote their products and services. Getting views and likes manually on reels takes a bit of time. If you also want to use Instagram reels to promote your offerings and get instant results, you must buy Instagram reels views and likes.

How to use Instagram reels? How you can create your first reel video? How to share the reels and watch the reels of your followers? Want to get answers to all these questions? Yes? You must read this guide till the end as here we are going to explore how to use Instagram reels along with creating and sharing it.

Here is how to use Instagram Reels!

Watching Instagram Reels?

Before you start creating your first reel video, it is better to watch the reels of other people so that you can get to know its whole format. You can find reels shared by your followers on your feed or you can also visit the Discover section to find more exposure for reel videos.

  • Open an Instagram application and tap the search icon at the bottom of the screen. This will open the Discover section.
  • Here you will see a Reels section at the top of the Discover section. The reel videos can be differentiated from other videos as they have a unique Reels logo on them.
  • Open a reel video and watch it.
  • You can also like, comment, or share the reel as you do for other Instagram videos.

Creating Instagram Reels?

For creating an Instagram reel, you need to open the same spot that you open for creating other videos on Instagram. It means you need to open the Instagram Camera.

  • Open an Instagram application and swipe right from your Home feed, not from your profile.
  • Tap Reels at the bottom of the screen to begin recording your reel video.
  • As for other videos, you need to press and hold the record button and then release it when the video is finished, the same steps go for recording Instagram reel video as well.
  • A progress bar will be shown at the top of the screen so you can record a video clip for up to 15 seconds.
  • To add audio, text, or other filters, you can use icons that appear on the left side of the screen.
  • Once you are done with editing, tap the next button, preview your video and write a caption of the video if you want.

Now it is time to share your Reel video!

Sharing Instagram Reels?

The outcome of sharing Instagram reels for public and private accounts is different. If you have set your account to private, your Instagram reels will be shown to your followers. In the case of a public account, you can share reels with a wide range of people on Instagram whether they are following your account or not. You can also buy Instagram reels likes at this stage – a perk for people who want to build a strong following!