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Sharpened Katana

M3278 Handmade Sharpened Carbon Steel Blade 39 1/8" Katana


handmade 1060high carbon steel japanese samurai Katana sword full tang sharpened


Giant Katana 65" Odachi Huge Samurai Sword Fully Sharpened Steel full functional


Koga ninja Weapon Katana Sword Full Tang Fully Functional Sharpened Black Ronin


M3142 Cord Wrap Handle Ronin Katana 38 3/4" Sharpened Stainless




M3040 Cord Wrap Handle Katana 43 7/8" Sharpened Steel Blade


Paul Chen PC1002 Carbon Steel Bamboo Stick Katana 39 1/4" Sharpened


Japanese Katana 1060 High Carbon Steel Custom sharpened cutting sword


Paul Chen 43007 Carbon Steel Oriental Practical Plus Katana 41" Sharpened


Handmade Sharpened Carbon Steel Samurai Katana with Green Scabbard (SW-541GN)


Ornamental Japanese Katana Sword, Sharpened Single Edge Blade, Scabbard Included


FULL TANG Carbon Steel Hand Sharpened Battle Ready Crane Katana Samurai Sword .


Hand Sharpened Carbon Steel Katana w Black Finish Scabbard Sword #010


Sharpened Ninjato Katana Sword with Hidden Snorkel


Tomahawk XL1052 Partially Sharpened Katana Sword with Kanji on Blade


Tomahawk XL1052 Partially Sharpened Katana with long tsuka


Hand Sharpened Carbon Steel Samurai Katana Sword & Scabbard '


M2954 Cord Wrap Handle Spirit Katana 38 7/8" Sharpened Stainless


Elite Quality Hand forged Golden Steel Katana Gold Sheen samurai Sword Sharpened


Japanese Double Edge Damascus Steel Sword Katana Gift Set Chokuto sharpened edge


Smith Hand Crafted Expert Made High Carbon Damascus Steel sharpened sword katana


Katana Sword Sharpened Carbon Steel


1060 High Carbon Steel Hand Forged hamon Sharpened Katana Sword Clay tempered JP


Handmade Muramasa Japanese samurai sword Full Tang Gold Blade Katana Sharpened


Hand Sharpened Blade Forged Full-Tang Black Ronin Katana Sword Genuine Ronin JP


Hand Made Smith Forged Full-Tang Genuine Ray Skin Japanese sharpened edge katana


Hand made 9260 spring steel shirasaya katana sharpened bamboo body sharp sword


Handmade and Sharpened Deluxe Japanese Katana Sword Genuine Ray Skin Red Saya JP


Japanese Sword Samurai Katana Very Sharpened Red Damascus Steel Blade Full Tang


Katana 40” Sharpened Made In China Carbon Steel 1060


Large Two Handed Asian Japanese Damascus Style Steel Katana Sword Hand Sharpened


Japan Japanese Sword Samurail Katana Sharpened Blue High Manganese Steel Blade


Japanese Sword Samurai Katana Very Sharpened Spring Steel Blade Dragon Handle