Syrian Rebels Hack Major News Networks in the US

The New York Times and Twitter websites are still experiencing problems due to a serious hack which was carried out on Tuesday.  The social network and newspaper experienced difficulties after their having their domain name along with other details aggressively altered by the Syrian rebel group.  The group responsible, who have identify themselves as The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA for short) are supporters of president Bashar al-Assad.  This is the most serious attack to be carried out by the group so far.

In the past few months, other media companies have been hit by the group. These include major media companies like the Financial Times, CNN, BBC and The Washington Post. In this last attack, however, the group caused the sustained damage to date using a method of attack which similar to the one experienced by the Huffington Post Website in recent weeks.

Melbourne IT hosting

The domains affected were under management by Melbourne IT, a hosting company which claims it is identifying new security measures that will protect the details of their website domains.  The attack was based on altering of the websites’ Domain Name System (DNS) information.  This information is needed in order to direct web traffic to the server of a specific website. In plain language, this allows us to browse the web with simple addresses like, instead of long, complex IP addresses – a series of digits separated by dots.

SEA gained access to Melbourne IT’s database. This is where The New York Times and twitter had registered their domain names.  The result was that DNS information could be altered by the hackers, so instead of taking web users to the “” it was directing them to servers under the control of the SEA.


Instead of Twitter, the group laid siege on This is a domain used by the social network in order to store styling code and image data. Twitter remained active but many of its pages were displayed incorrectly. In a public statement, Twitter claimed that no user data had been altered. The SEA also made use of its Twitter account to gasconade its successful attacks on either website, displaying images of its work there.

Registry Lock

Melbourne IT has passed the blame onto a reseller, saying that the attack took place as a result of a glitch on their system.  The company added that the reseller’s log-in details had somehow been attained, and that this gave them the access codes they needed to alter Twitter’s domain name and details.  The company suggested that hosts wanting to ensure security on their domains would be fully protected by “added registry lock features” available from them.

Attacks on media companies on the rise

While the New York Times experienced its downtime, they were in the process of publishing articles on their Facebook page and also on a mirror site. In the meantime, the company’s chief information manager, Mark Frons, advised that staff “be careful when sending email(s) until the situation has been resolved”.

A renowned security researcher, Ken Westin, who is working for Tripwire says that attacks on media companies are on the increase and are putting scores of website users at risk. The New York Times has also claimed that hackers had gained access to the personal details of their employees in January of this year.

According to the chief technology officer of McAfee, media will continue to be affected by these kinds of attacks as long as they influence political debates and have a crucial role in forming public opinion.  According to him, whatever tactics are used to try to control these situations the cyber attacks will always compromise the security of websites. He says that the SEA were not especially ingenious but had taken full advantage of some inconspicuous loopholes which had not been recognized before.

Keep your company’s website safe

There are multiple actions to take to keep your website safe.  Following are a few tips from cyber security masters program curriculum:

Keep up to date concerning vulnerabilities.  Require SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on the website.  Watch for traffic from known or suspected malicious hosts. Implement physical security. Scan your website daily for malware. Monitor infrastructure for network intrusions, propagation attempts, and suspicious traffic patterns. Store your private digital certificates keys in secure, tamperproof, cryptographic hardware devices.


Verizon is Trying to Buy Out Vodafone

With a great importance being stressed on telecommunications by modern society, some of the biggest names in cellular are making changes. Verizon, one of the largest telecommunication companies in America, is looking to buy out Vodafone’s financial interest. Vodafone is a multinational company which started in 1982 in Newbury, Berkshire, England. The company has 439 million subscribers in over 70 countries between them and their partners. Currently, Vodafone owns 45 percent of Verizon Wireless.

The negotiation happened on September 3rd, 2013, during the early morning. Verizon offered to buy out Vodafone’s 45 percent stake in the business, which in turn gives them complete ownership of Verizon Wireless. Financially, this is one of the largest cellular deals in U.S. History, making it a significant deal for mobile users and businessmen alike. The largest deal is held by Vodafone, when it bought a German telecommunications company for $202 billion. The second largest was Time Warner when it made a deal with AOL. This epic merger cost more than $180 billion and went so wrong, students getting their finance degree right now are using it as an example of the worst mergers in history. Both deals made changes to the way each company ran and operated, so there is no doubt that both Verizon and Vodafone will be making some major changes.

The agreement was the third largest amount in U.S. history. The proposition will give Vodafone $130 billion dollars for their owned shares of Verizon. Vodafone, which is thrilled by Verizon taking over the wireless division, will be able to focus its efforts more on Project Spring, which is a network investment project expected to be developed over the next three years. Verizon is also thrilled as they will be able to start getting more of the profits from this large company. It is yet to be seen if other shareholders will have the same excitement about the deal and the agreement must still be approved by them and go through standard regulations before it takes full effect.

The payment for Vodafone is being broken up onto a number of different payments. Less than half will be in actual cash. This cash amount still equates to $58.9 billion. The rest of the money will be awarded in notes and stock, but mostly stock.

Code names, breakfast and the gym

The large amounts provided during the deal aren’t the only details being discussed about this billion-dollar deal. Both Verizon’s CEO and Vodafone’s top executive conducted their business over breakfast and a trip to the gym at the Four Seasons in San Francisco. Vodafone’s executive, Vittorio Colao, and Verizon’s CEO, Lowell McAdams, wanted to ensure the deal was done face-to-face in a relaxed environment. In order to keep the information out of the public’s eye until the deal was done, they used a series of code names. The code word for the sale was “River,” and McAdams, Colao and other major players in the deal all were referred to by codename throughout the transaction.

This large and lengthy deal has been a way for Verizon to continue its growth in the wireless industry. Currently, Verizon Wireless has over 100 million subscribers and 22 million landline subscribers.

Decided not to merge

The initial discussion was to merge the companies, rather than discuss a buyout of shares. McAdam had met with the chairman of Vodafone’s board of directors, Gerald Kleisterlee, to discuss a merger in the past. The idea didn’t pan out though, as Verizon realized that it wanted its main focus to stay in America, rather than move over to Europe. The focus of the negotiations then turned into buying the large stake Vodafone has in Verizon Wireless. The deal had started discussions in the first quarter, and they were carefully negotiated and discussed with some of the top shareholders in both companies.

While this new deal was completed at 5 a.m., it has been the buzz of the business world ever since. Verizon re-ensured Vodafone by offering a $10 billion fee should they be unable to raise the money they need for this huge purchase. As Wall Street begins to close the deal with $500 million in merger, legal and financing fees, the entire world is still wondering how this large deal will affect their phone service.

6 Benefits of Android apps for Business Perspective

Android apps are the most forceful operating system today. Users can use it much easier as an open source and bring updated versions. Android has been taking over an extra market share since mobile users is growing on a daily basis. In the 21st century, almost all people across the globe have changed the way they live. Now, a Smartphone that integrates Android OS presents unique system and experience that creates big opportunities to Android apps worldwide.

Business apps available for android let the user administer his/ her business by means of their android phone. Android OS has several applications; that is why people like it. It actually comes close to Apple. It offers more or less 500 thousands of applications and games in play store. Thousands of developers are available that toil hard Android to get more new applications as well as games. You have benefits to get if you apply android apps in your business. Here are some of the benefits you can get:

  1. Affordable


The developers able to build any limits without persisting license expenses. You can show to your clientele anytime the application for revisions since loads of free revision program and make your development reduced in cost. As proven, many businesses today are earning good returns from embracing android application, more than ever to mobile traders.

2. Numerous distribution mechanisms

Contrasting to erstwhile mobile platforms, the advantages of android apps is that it can be dispersed in different ways. There are countless third-party application shops like Android Market in Google, but to build your personal distribution channels is a wise idea. You can compel your own rules in various options.

  1. Great Association


Android application is an amazing source platform for most suitable inter-application association for a number of types. It does not matter if you cross-promote multiple programs at once, android application is an ultimate way to make highly groundbreaking application for many developers. Business apps such as offered by android can give people the freedom to connect with the corporate world as they are enjoying their holidays.


  1. Open Platform

Android apps are license free, open source, as well as royalty free. There are no licensing fees since the fundamental Android SDK architecture is open-source. Thus, you can observe future releases and offer Android development team the feedback they deserve. This is what the Android platform creates an extremely compelling to use for wireless operators and/ or handset manufacturers, which decipher to greater opportunities for almost all developers to earn income.

  1. Ideal raised area for many firms that are new to mobile

Knowing that Android apps are naturally written in Java, all people who know about Java can get such applications running with virtual ease. There are abundant Java programmers nowadays to be found in the marketplace, as of which the documentation of the Android platform is tremendous! There has never been a great period to challenge the bound towards mobile development.

  1. Assist innovative ventures


Those developers with knowledge about Java can use this programming language successful for a business if they are able to attain Android applications.  It is quite versatile that can work with great applications for the customers to get easy access.

For android apps development, you can contact expert company that carries out dedicated panels on android development. You can make sure to get what you wanted as they aim at bringing suitable application development services to clients. Business android apps are designed to meet business owners’ desires to stay attached with their clients anywhere in the world and anytime of the day. There are different selections of finest android apps meant for businesses obtainable for varied tasks.

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Benedict Mars is fervent about Android apps. You can check more tips on the author’s blog.

The Top 5 Features For The LG G2

Much overlooked in the constant flow of news about Apple and Samsung products is the fact that a few other smartphone manufacturers are starting to catch up with their own incredibly impressive products. One such product set to be released later this year is the LG G2, LG’s first true foray into the market for advanced smartphones. We have to admit, the sound of an LG smartphone wasn’t initially that exciting, as there’s a general perception that LG has been somewhat left behind in the mobile phone market. However, with features and specifics having recently been revealed, it’s impossible not to be impressed by this coming smartphone. We won’t know just how smooth or functional it is until it’s actually in our hands, but to give you an idea of some of LG’s innovations, here are the top 5 features we’re expecting to see in the G2.

1. KnockOn

We’ve heard rumors for some time now that Apple is considering doing away with its home button. Well, LG has launched the G2 without a home button to start with, instead incorporating the “KnockOn” system by which you need only tap your phone’s screen to turn it on. And don’t worry, there’s still a lock screen, so your phone won’t constantly be turning itself on and conducting its own activity.

2. Rear Key

One of the most hyped features of the G2 is its set of rear keys on the backside of the phone. These are meant for easy volume control when on a call and easy “selfie” picture taking (with the phone’s face toward you). The Rear Key is perhaps a bit of a gimmick, but it still sets the G2 apart from competitors.

3. Guest Mode

This is a neat little idea that allows you to let someone else use your G2 without access to its full features or apps. For example, you can let someone else make a call without accessing your text message history, or browsing activity, etc.

4. Slide Aside Multitasking

The “Slide Aside” concept allows you to have tabs open for the different apps you’re using, which has numerous practical applications. It might be as simple as streaming a video on Netflix on one tab and carrying on a conversation with a friend on the other. Or, it could be something more directly related. For example, you could be playing a casual poker app on one tab, and referencing your Betfair strategy guide on another tab, continually having tips and betting strategies at your disposal while you play your game, instead of only before and after! In short, you can get creative with multitasking!

5. Quick Window

This is actually a case as much as a phone feature, but it may be the most innovative perk about the G2. QuickWindow covers your phone’s display, leaving only a small window, which the phone adjusts to in order to provide quick, widget-like features. Check the time, temperature, see a message, etc. without even opening up your phone.

The Easiest Way To Have A Sharp Looking iPhone 4

If you love your iPhone 4, you probably want to make it look as stylish as possible. There are plenty of iPhone cases on the market but many of them are quite bulky. One great way to make your iPhone 4 look good is with a skin. Skins work a little better than cases in that they don’t have any interference with the iPhone screen and buttons. Usually a skin just wraps over the cover of an iPhone. Holding an iPhone for several minutes or hours at a time can result in a lot of oil build-up. A good iPhone 4 skin should provide a snug fit that protects the phone from unwanted residue. Continue reading The Easiest Way To Have A Sharp Looking iPhone 4

Top 4 Helpful New Smart Phone Apps for Small Business Owners

Running a small business today demands mobility and constant connectivity. That’s why smart entrepreneurs conduct business on the go and make the most of their hours with the help of smartphone applications. It is also a good idea to consult with someone who has a computer science degree for advice as well.

You may have already heard about Dropbox, Square and FreshBooks. All of them are indispensable tools for small business owners. But there are many more new apps that deserve mention. Below are four of them.


If you hate wasting time and crave order and simplicity, this app is for you. IFTTT stands for “if this, then that,” a tool used for automating web-based services or for connecting two different applications.

Make IFTTT work for you by using business “recipes” or formulas. Here’s an example.

  • If you were sent a file on Gmail (this), then move it to your Dropbox account (that).
  • If you receive an email from PayPal, then move it to your Evernote account. Tip: specify an Evernote Notebook for your PayPal receipts to get more organized.
  • If you receive a Gmail message labeled “Important,” then have a push notification sent to your phone.

The list of recipes is virtually limitless. If you can’t find a recipe for a business-related task, then create your own.

IFTTT is a web-based service so you can create an account even without a smartphone. The company recently released an iPhone app. An Android version is in the works.


This isn’t a mere note-taking app. Evernote is one of the most versatile apps out there. You can use it to store your receipts, outline your schedule for the week, write down ideas or sketch something. Evernote functions exactly how you want it to be. A to-do list manager, a PDF library, a picture bucket, a receipt archive and more. It’s a universal capture tool.

Evernote integrates with other company products such as Skitch and Clearly. With Skitch, you can annotate and highlight your PDF files and instantly upload it to Evernote for easy viewing. With Evernote Clearly, you can easily read web pages minus the clutter, highlight some important paragraphs, and synchronize it with your Evernote account.

Be sure to read Evernote Essentials by Brett Kelly if you haven’t figured out how to use Evernote yet.


Quip lets you create and collaborate on beautiful documents. Quip is made for mobile devices and is perfect for managing team-based projects.

If you haven’t been satisfied with any of your document processing and editing apps, say Google Drive, Quip is a compelling alternative.

The app is a powerful word processor that lets you collaborate with others in a thread-style conversation. You can even mention people and documents Twitter style using the symbol @. What’s more, Quip makes it easier to control up-to-date edits (deletions or modifications to a document) using a feature called diff.

The app works offline so you can take your documents anytime, anywhere—even on the plane.

Quip is available for iOS and on your desktop. There’s a recently released Android preview version.


It launched as a web-based-only service back in 2010. Dubbed as the “antivirus” for your bills, BillGuard finds unauthorized charges, credit card and debit card hidden fees and all sorts of scam and fraud.

The company recently introduced an iPhone app that notifies users whenever a transaction is made. It nudges users to review transactions considered deceptive or unexpected and thus save them money.

As a small business owner, you can’t afford to lose a few hundred every month. Use BillGuard for a faster and more effective bill checking.

There’s an Android version coming soon.


Top 4 Business Apps for Accountants

As with most industries, accounting practices are changing due to the availability of business oriented software applications (apps), and especially as more segments of business move to cloud computing.

Cloud computing allows business principals and employees who have their business intelligence training to access their apps and data from almost anywhere the internet is present, and the best apps are hardware agnostic; that is, they work on nearly every piece of hardware, whether a company chooses to employ iPads, Android tablets, or any of the wide variety of smart phones using different operating systems.Productivity

Probably the number one application for any business is to have a comprehensive suite of office tools, and Microsoft’s Office product has become ubiquitous in this realm. As it has transitioned to the cloud and emerged as the all new, but so familiar product Office 365, the suite offers the standard Office products your employees are used to – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, plus a host of new features made possible by the move to the cloud. One of the primary advantages of switching to the small monthly fee per employee Office 365 is you will no longer have to wait years between upgrades; Office 365 is being upgraded as needed, 24/7.

Accounting Software

Intuit has updated their most popular application Quickbooks, to being a mobile app as well. New features like Intuit Online Payroll and Intuit Go Payment blend seamlessly with the trusted accounting program.  Intuit’s Go Payment is one of a number of apps that allow employees to receive payments in the field, via a small device plugged into a smart phone. They can swipe client’s payment cards, or enter numbers manually for instant payment – it’s like having a POS in every employee’s pocket, no matter where they travel. If you’re traveling to numerous clients’ offices, and they use Quickbooks for accounting, as many small to medium size enterprises do, Quickbooks mobile will greatly simplify your work.

News and Information

While your mobile browser allows you to pull up virtually any piece of information anywhere, specialty publishers in the accounting field are creating apps to streamline your assimilation of changes in the industry and even the tax code. For example, the Accounting Today newspaper has a dedicated app, and the Accounting Principles app can help you look for a new job.

Remote Log In Apps

Leaving all your secure data on a server at the office, but being able to access it everywhere is made easier by remote log in apps, like GoToMyPC, Jump Desktop and other similar packages. These apps allow you to log in to your office computer from another device, and securely access and manipulate data from off site.


You’ve certainly heard the saying “there’s an app for that”, and this adage holds true in accounting just as in nearly every other segment of business or your personal life.

Car Racing games Free Download for Android

Android, iPhone and iPad devices are offering an ultimate and incredible way to solve communication and professional purposes. If you are a user of such smart devices then I am sure you can’t think about a day without it.

andriod racing games


Now these devices are the part of your regular daily life and you can’t ignore it. From the very first start of the morning to the end of the day till you sleep, you find your fingers on your Android device because it’s the most efficient and easy way to handle many problems and routine work. Apart from that these devices offers a comprehensive way to relax you by playing plenty of games. Also the best use of such devices can be done by playing such incredible games. Platform like Android are very popular to deliver an appreciable experience of playing games along with the source of communication. In case you owe any one of them then this content is really helpful for you. So, what are we going to discuss here?? Though there is a long list of games divided into various categories but I am simply addicted to car racing games.

There are many that fall into the category of car racing games, but I am quite sure that you are looking for the best car racing games for your device, right? So, check out the article car racing games free download for Android, as by reading this article you will get some good games which might change your experience with your device.

Drag Racing

Racing Games are full of fun and if you are looking for some classic ride then Drag racing is for you only. You will find it as the most addictive car racing game on Google Play. The best thing about this game is that it is available for free. With hot and muscular rides such as Skyline GT-R, BMW M3 and 69’ Mustang supercars etc. you get a classic game play to enjoy. You will definitely love this game. Also you can use the online section to challenge opponents. To download this game for your Android platform, click on the link given below.

Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed is the most popular car racing game who like to play on pc or laptops. But if you are looking it for your Android device then this might be a good news for you as Need for Speed Shift is the version available for the all three platforms we are talking about in this particular article. With the stunning graphics and superb gameplay this game offers you a great span to enjoy on your Android.

GT Racing

Get the richest racing simulation experience while playing the GT Racing Motor Academy Free+. Unlock cars and events by passing the driving tests. Try to unlock everything by purchasing XP multipliers and credit packs directly from the game. With 111 licensed cars by 26 world class manufacturers you get the option of buy, drive and upgrade all of them. Try to play and get an online experience of playing race. The game can be easily download and supports every platform we are talking about in this article.

Death Racing 2: Desert

The next game in the list of best car racing game free download for Android is the Death Racing 2: Desert. The popularity level of this game can be evaluate by its huge no. of downloads. With the ultimate graphics and gameplay controls this game always remains on top of the charts. The concept is superb and you need to play against the fast drivers who can take any step for winning the race. So, enjoy the ride and download it on your Android.

Asphalt 7

Another popular game among the smart phone users, this super amazing game comes with a fully loaded package of fun, gameplay, cars and graphics. With the incredible sound effects and amazing graphics, you soon become an addict of it. To get the top notch racing experience, you just need to install this game on your device.

Speed Night 2

With the fast and cool concept this game comes on the last position of our list of car racing games free download for Android. The Speed Night 2 is quite interesting and easy to play. Defeat your opponents and earn more and more points in the sequence to pass the level. Also you can play Speed Night 2 along with your friends as it has the option of online play. With such amazing features, this game deserves to be in the list of your installed games.

So, here we have listed out the top car racing games free download for your Android devices. Enjoy hard and have a new experience of playing car racing games on your device.

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Innovative Android Applications To Boost The Performance Of Your Android Devices

With the introduction of new technology, the priorities of the individuals keep changing and hence their requirements. Same is the case with android applications. With the introduction of new android devices, the demand for new applications also increased and thus, the application developers came up with a complete new package of android applications which are really known for enhancing the overall performance of the android devices. Adding these apps to your devices will really enhance their utility to a great extent and also enable you to complete all the tasks from your cell phones or tablets.


Here is a list of some of the most popular apps which have gained a high rate of downloads all over the world. You can also get them on your android devices by downloading them.

Office Mobile

The people who need to check their mails and perform the editing activities can consider this app for download. This app is perfectly compatible with android cell phones. In order to use this Microsoft’s app, the users will be required to have Office 365 subscription. This app allows you to view files on Word, PowerPoint and Excel.


The battery of the samrtphones is really a problem and gets emptied very often due to the continuous use of several features possessed by it. The individuals who wish to boost their battery life without much effort can get the JuiceDefender app. This app is available in three versions. One is a free version while the other two are paid versions. You can make the necessary adjustments to get the best results from this app.

Word Bucket

This knowledgeable app can be either be used as a dictionary or as a game where you can learn new words. Using this app, the users will not only be able to enrich their vocabulary but can also learn different languages like Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, English, Russian, Arabic etc. This app is available for free and can easily be downloaded using Internet.


This app can be used to access your remote desktop in your office whenever necessary. This app can be used anywhere, where there is an availability of internet connection. You can view your computer’s screen and get the required information by using this app.


If you are looking forward to renovate your home, this app can help you in getting some brilliant and exceptional ideas. Increase the usability of your phone by installing this free app. Using this app, the individuals can click a photo of their room and arrange the models of furniture so as to know how they look. You can also use different colors to finalize a perfect decor for your room.

RAC Traffic

This app is designed to keep you away from the irritating heavy traffic situations. The app finds out the location of the user with the help of mobile signal and then provides the details of the traffic in that particular area.


This is an ultimate app for android devices having high resolution cameras. This powerful application is also compatible with front camera and enables the users to click high quality images, including self portraits from their mobile phones.


As the name suggests, this app provides an opportunity to the android device users to customize the radio stations as per their music tastes.


This is an all in one app which allows the users to make audio as well as video calls. It also grants access to the messaging option. The best thing about this app is that the users can enjoy communicating for free with those who are using the same app.

So, these are some outstanding android applications that will surely enhance the utility and performance of your android devices.

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Anny Smith is an expert blogger and she believes in upgrading her knowledge and skills by passing various certification exams. If you’re looking for properly well organized study materials to complete your exams, then you should visit examcertify website.

Why Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Is Better Than Galaxy S4: A Review

The ultimate anti-iPhone comes with a massive tablet like size, fulfilling all important functions of tablet. Yes, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with lots of quandary whether a 5.5-inch screen can really hold in your palm and used as a regular phone? Is draining battery fast a common problem or rare mishaps? Can quad-core processor keep pace with the other smartphones? Let’s read some Samsung Galaxy note 2 Deals.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a tough competition for the iPhone 5, for more reasons other than its superb camera quality and excellent display. However, its gigantic size, out-of-the-box stylus and loads of customization options, Note 2 is far too complicated. Samsung comes with an excellent phone but with its complicated structure and price raise doubts.

A realist can see this phone an asset because a blazing quad-core processor with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS is perhaps uncooperative at first because of its huge size but processor strength, 8-megapixel camera coupled with extra-large battery is the best thing any company is offering till date and also better than Galaxy S deals.

Design of Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung always stands on its plastic tradition that presents a premium look and attractive than its rivals. However, the Samsung Galaxy note 2 Deals is not well-received by its critics for its highly reflective surface. The 5.9 inches tall and 3.2 inches wide screen still presents itself a sleek gadget. The phone is perhaps too awkward to hold in your hands, but it is still managed to fit in your back pocket because of its functional design. The phone looks comically large for answering calls at the ear, but with a Bluetooth headset, things are pretty comfortable. Moreover, the rival iPhone 5’s looks too tiny in the big fashionable market of smartphones.

Screen and OS of Samsung Galaxy Note 2

This smartphone comes with HD Super AMOLED screen, which is bigger than its predecessor Samsung Note 1. This gives a wide-screen 16:9 aspect ratio compare to previous 16:10 of Note 1. This means more improved graphics and video playback. Nevertheless, the resolution is slightly less than Galaxy S deals, which is impossible to notice by naked eyes. Other important aspects of this phone are:

·         Great customization like lock screen shortcuts, motion controls and deeper interactions.

·         Booting up “easy” mode

·         Page Buddy temporarily pops up when you operate like stylus, plug in headphones and dock the phone.

·         Virtual keyboard but without spell checker.

·         Excellent navigation buttons and newly designed Google Voice Action and Google Now.

Samsung S Note App

One of the best features is the S Pen. You can take your notes and sketches pictures to entertain yourself and your kids. The flexibility of the S Pen is excellent and sensors are quite good to give a natural feel of writing. But erasing and rewriting scribbles do take lots of time.

S Note App also comes with voice dictation and picture and video inserts. Moreover, if you want to convert your sketches into math formulas or shapes or insert clip art, you can easily perform it.

Camera quality of Note 2

Galaxy Note 2 carries the legacy of Samsung of providing excellent cameras. Undoubtedly, this is the best feature of all Galaxy phones. Photos are crisp, colorful and without any haze. Note 2 has a special adjustment of lighting and effects such as burst mode where the camera takes to 20 shots in quick succession.

There are principally three shooting modes: HDR, Panorama and Low-light setting. The phone also comes with geotagging, antishake and voice command like “smile” or “cheese”. ‘The Best Faces’ mode let you to choose your favorite mug shot from 20 random shots. ‘Share Shot’ and ‘Buddy Photo Share’ can let you to share your photos instantly with your friends.

Overall performance

Pluses: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 big screen is the big plus because of terrific video playback quality, gaming interface and improved stylus to add productivity. The quad-core processor is fast. The camera is as usual a plus for Samsung phone, and a strong battery life makes it an enviable gadget amongst rivals.

Minuses: The huge size makes it a rather awkward to hold it to ears. There are certain glitches in the S Pen stylus. Sometimes the apps slow down the phone a bit. The price of this phone is not an option for replacing your tablet desire.

Stuart Hopes is a professional writer and reviewer of laptops, cell phones, handset news and photography. he works as freelance journalist and writes on topics like mobile phone deals. In this article, he speaks about Galaxy’s deals